Developing products for today's & tomorrow's Electronics Markets

As one of the leading Capacitor manufacturers in Hong Kong, and indeed in South East Asia. Lucky Top Technologies Ltd. insists on producing products that reflect the needs of today's & tomorrow's electronics markets. In reaching this goal, we stay in touch with all market trends-including quality systems, pricing policy and technology developments.

To face the challenge of an aggressive market, and to become more competitive and attractive within it, our Board of Directors decided to commit over one hundred thousand US dollars towards R&D. In fact, we are at this moment spending time completing development on capacitors that feature a 3,000 hour lifetime, high-temperature performance of up to 125 degrees celcius, and top-end capacitance values of up to 1.5F(1,500,000uf).

The reliability and quality of every Lucky Top product is reflected by the company's ISO9002 status, gained at the end of 1999 year. Our goal is Zero Defects. To this end, we have placed quality at the heart of our corporate concerns. The maintenance of good quality helps us reduce costs in overall production.

In short, we aim to provide the best quality with the most competitive prices to all our valued clients.